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Art Shows

Current Shows

James Lai, Tram Pinney,

Benjamin de Boer, Kristen Jordan,

Stephen Pinney, Eliza Pinney,

Daniel Maluka, AJ Nayake,

Fiona Barry, Derrie Tan,

Tiffany tremaine, Carson Teal,

Leah Wei, Homme de Sept-Iles,

Darren Rigo, Chelsea Hirons,

Lettie Lo: participants

Parkdale : where

02.29.2020 : set up

until removed : runs

In Praise of Green map.jpg
llisterine poster.jpg

Jana Ghalayini, James Lai, Roots,

Chelsea Hirons, Nora Wang

Malik Mckoy, Arshia Salesi,

Arezu Salamzadeh, Sienna Sekand,

Spam Wilsom, Luke van H,

Tram Pinney : participants

Cat Calica : set design

Alexis Venerus : curator

Earl Selkirk Gallery : where

03.19.2020 6-9pm : opening

03.07-29.2020 : runs

Upcoming Shows

Previous Shows


Phat Le & Benjamin de Boer : participants

Grab-a-Slice gallery : where

01.14-27.2020 : when

a then b facebook event banner.jpg

James Lai, AJ Nayake, Mary Chen, Oscar Chiu, Erika Fung, Derrie Tan, Tim Schijns,
Gabriel Ting, Vincent Zhang, Alexis Venerus, Juan Solorzano, Arezu Salamzadeh,
Natalia Tcherniak : artists

AJ Nayake & Alexis Venerus : hosts

Grab-a-Slice gallery : where

12.17.2019-01.12.2020 : when

12.18.2019 : A reception

01.08.2020 : B reception


 Karen Thurler, Julia Troiani,

Meg Dearlove, Wenting Li, Anna Kwan,

Caleb Mitchell, Dalbert Vilarino,

Scott Fleming-Little, Sydney Madia,

Olivia Kim, Jean deMers, Lis Xu

Alesha Aquino, Marie Caissie-Parsons

Marisha Laine : artists

Marisha Laine : curator

Grab-a-Slice gallery : where

12.04-16.2019 : when

12.04.2019 : opening reception

Ange Adair w Brother Jopa,
Alesha Aquino, David Crinshaw,
Jana Ghalayini, Nora Wang : artists
Grab-a-Slice : where
10.30-11.25.2019 : when

Black Cat Showroom, 1785 ST Clair Ave W : where

06.20-23.2019 : when

Alexus Venerus: Curator

Group Exhibition: who

jeiandjosiah (6 of 88).jpg
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.51.26 AM.png

Toronto, Canada: where

09.23.2018: when

James Lai: who

Toronto, Canada: where

06.07.2018: when

Nina Escalante: who

Mauricio Calero

Javid & Luvs

Eloïse Ptito-Echeverria

Pam Lobb

DJ Stewart

James Lai

Darinka Blagaj

Toronto, Canada: where

07.24-26.2017: when

Alexis Venerus: who

level (Vinh Le & Luca Campacci): curator

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