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Photo thanks to the most wonderful James Lai

Alexis Venerus is the Parkdale based curator of Grab-a-Slice, an experimental arts space inside Albany Pizza. Through Alexus Projects she shares her conversations with creatives, exploring the thought processes that take place around artistic action. She weaves together serendipitous connections amongst producers and unintentional audiences. Concepts imagined in these open discussions are brought to public exhibition, where she implements implement everyday objects and places as opportunities to show case artworks. This way the audience is offered familiarity as a framework for introspection and communal discourse. Her publication Insahyt Catalog 700-779 serves as a collection of references as to how a variety of minds separately brainstorm given themes. In June 2019, she exhibited the work of over 30 local and International artists whose pieces were covered in the first three volumes of the catalog. Venerus continues to fuse art with community through Grab-a-Slice as she curates work in a maximalist way with shows that offer catalyst to speculation and empathy in their variety of viewpoints.