Photo thanks to the most wonderful James Lai

Alexis Venerus is the Parkdale based curator of Alexus Projects. Her work weaves together serendipitous connections amongst producers and unintentional audiences. Concepts imagined in open discussions often over food, are brought to public exhibition, where she implements everyday objects and places as opportunities to showcase artworks. This way the audience is offered familiarity as a framework for introspection and communal discourse. Her publication Insahyt Catalog 700-779 serves as a collection of references as to how a variety of minds separately brainstorm given themes. In June 2019, she exhibited the work of over 30 local and International artists whose pieces were covered in the first three volumes of the catalog. Recently, Venerus fused art within the community through Grab-a-Slice gallery - located inside Albany pizza restaurant. Here, she curated work in a maximalist way with shows that offer catalyst to speculation and empathy in their variety of viewpoints.

About Alexus Projects Toronto art gallery in Downtown Toronto 

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Alexus Projects art gallery located in Toronto's West End. The art gallery in Ontario offers free shows. Artists looking to apply to art galleries can look here. Artists may be art assistants in galleries, they would apply for art jobs by using an art resume. In this art gallery artworks will be shown and are for sale. Buy art works in Toronto. Look at art and .feel happy. Look at art and feel feelings, this is art therapy. Art therapy in Toronto. If you move your body and walk to an art gallery near me then you will see this art gallery with art openings near me. Some ideas for art gallery lay outs are to put art on the walls and take an art selfie for Instagram. This will show me art from Toronto based artists. Emerging artists in Toronto are also artworks to see in a Toronto art gallery. An artist run art gallery shows you art work by other artists in a free art gallery for artists work. You can also visit the AGO for free on Wednesdays after 5pm. There are many free galleries in the city. You can grab a slice of pizza. Pizza near me is in the art gallery in a pizza shop. The pizza art gallery. Pizza has pepperoni on it and can be delivered. If you buy dine in pizza you can get a deal and look at some free art in Toronto. This is free art in Downtown Toronto. You do not need to buy this art but if you want to buy emerging artists work you can buy it in this art gallery for emerging Toronto artists. One day this art gallery hopes to open an art gallery in Brooklyn or have an art gallery in Montreal. Opening an art gallery in Canada is a good art gallery in Ontario. Especially when the art gallery in Ontario is free. 


This art gallery is located in the west end of Toronto. This is a Toronto art gallery run by a Parkdale curator named Alexis Venerus.


It is good to be an artist. It is good to have an art gallery. The art gallery is located near a No Frills near me. I can walk to the art gallery near me. I can go to the art gallery when it is open. When this art gallery in ontario is open it is free. When it is it free? always free to go to this art gallery in Toronto. 

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DesignTo logo from a Toronto festival for art and a Toronto Festival for design. A free Toronto festival
Alexus Projects the Toronto art gallery for emerging an local artists which if an Art Gallery in Ontario that is has participated in Toronto art festivals. Art festivals in the summer are good. DesignTo is a Toronto art festival.Art festival all over the city. Toronto free art festival. This festival celebrates Toronto design and Toronto designers. DesignTo is a good festival. The free art show that had a Toronto art opening in DesignTo was Meditation in Concrete II with Toronto artists Phat Le and Benjamin de Boer. Benjamin de Boer also has a Toronto art gallery called Hearth. You can see his art gallery here
scotia bank contact photography

Another Free art festival is ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival. An art festival in May a free photography festival. 

The free art exhibit in Downtown Toronto that Alexus projects shared at Comrags clothing shop. Made in Canada. was by photographer James Lai. You can see James Lai's photos here The art exhibit which was part of the photography festival was called The Lucky Cat's Briefcase. The art show shared photography and photos by the emerging photographer James Lai. His photos feature many lucky cat. He takes photos of lucky cats. 

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art gallery.

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